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Our therapists have all been commended for their extraordinary work; all have the essential ability to be present and loving with their touch, which opens the gates to healing.

*Please note that many of our therapists are available in Pura Vida on a rotating basis; this means that not all therapies listed in the menu are available every week.


BodyTalk is a revolutionary healthcare system that utilizes state-of-the-art energy medicine to optimize the body’s internal communications. Overall health is affected by the quality of communication within the body. BodyTalk’s main emphasis is on opening communication with the Innate Wisdom, which is addressing and engaging the inner intelligence that is always prepared to activate the healing forces of the body. Gentle non-invasive techniques are employed to assist the body-mind in reestablishing synchronicity between the various organs, glands, body parts and body systems (i.e. immune system, digestive system...) and subtle energy systems (mental, emotional ...), promoting the total health of the body. 1hr. $100

Liberation Healing
The session starts with a conversation in order to ground and direct the energies properly.  This session is a cleansing of the soul and the baggage the person brought to and collected in this lifetime, it cleanses the mind liberating from thought patterns, different techniques are applied, such as Spiritual Response Therapy, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Arcturian Healing and Shamanism.  During the session a message is provided as the Soul is being cleansed of stagnant belief systems, entities, darkness, energetic cords with other souls and programs related to other times, as well as clearing the Ancestors bringing harmony onto relationships.  This session is an invocation to Spirit and Light Energies, such as Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters amongst others. Normally brings a sense of lightness, peace and direction in life. 1.5 hr $140, additional 15 minutes $25 during the first session or follow up sessions.


Deep Tissue Massage
A relaxing, nurturing and therapeutic massage using firmer pressure integrating body, mind and spirit. Tension, stress, chronic and acute areas of discomfort are addressed using a variety of physical and energetic techniques which invite an open, flowing, and rejuvenated sense of well being. 1 hr. $100

Swedish Massage
A blend of therapeutic, sports and Swedish massage combined with techniques like trigger point therapy and acupressure. This massage provides a soothing balance between relaxation and physical release. 1 hr $100 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
A detoxifying treatment that moves fluids and toxins which have been circulating in the lymphatic system. The immune system will be boosted, circulation improved, and the body will be better positioned for healing and well-being. 1 hr $120

Myoskeletal Release
A technique which works profoundly on fascia, tendons and ligaments followed by active stretches and breath control. This treatment focuses on painful areas that are conflicting in the physical body, and is a great treatment for those suffering from recent physical or emotional trauma, both of which impact our whole health. 1 hr. $110

Myofascial Release/Reflexology/Cranio-Sacral Rebalancing
Collecting elements from several Myofascial techniques like renowned Freedom From Pain specialist Eric Dalton’s myoskeletal alignment, rebalancing, body tuning and others, a profound and effective therapeutic technique that focuses on the fascias or connective tissues which structure and “shape” the body, and “hold” the patterns of tension and traumas. Special attention is paid to the connective nature of the body, where a stiff neck can actually be the result of an unbalanced hip. This treatment helps to recover the natural mobility and energy levels of the body. 1 hr $100


Costa Rican Hot Stone Massage
Costa Rican volcanic stones that carry the earth's deep energy are used to help you achieve a deep state of relaxation, which allows the therapists to manipulate areas of the body that would not normally be accessible uplifting the body with their energetic power. 1 hr. $100

Swedish Massage, Reflexology & Reiki
In this session the therapist will guide you into a space of wellness, harmony, and peace for your body, mind, and soul. You will experience the connection between your breath and your inner self; harmonizing your energetic and physical bodies while working on specific personal intentions (your soul). Body balancing is a synthesis of three different techniques: deep Swedish massage, the healing energy of Reiki, and healing vibration sounds. The healing energy of Reiki works on specific personal intentions to help you restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium, resulting in a profound sense of wellbeing, peace, wholeness and tranquility. 1 hr. $100

Ear Candling & Neck/ Facial Massage
A gentle, healing experience used primarily for cleaning the ears and to promote a healthy atmosphere in the ears, sinus cavities and throat. This is a safe and effective way to remove excess wax, yeast and other foreign debris from the ear canal. The process may regulate pressure; assist with post nasal drip, sinusitis, migraines, some forms of hearing loss and restoration of equilibrium. Because the head, neck and throat are the centers for three powerful chakras or energy centers, clearing of the communication, intuition and connection to the divine.  1 hr. $85

Pura Vida Spa Costa Rica Thai Massage


Long Huo (Dragon Fire) Body Treatment
This holistic treatment begins with a foot bath following a Bali-Thai massage that combines relaxing massage, digit-puncture, stretching, and Pa Kuan (back cupping massage for cleansing blood and ki-vital- energy, which releases toxins from liver and kidney, and enhances the immune system, but without the undesirable bruising of traditional cupping). This treatment provides amazing benefits to all of the internal organs. The treatment also includes steamed aromatherapy for deep relaxation of nervous system. 1 hr. $115

Traditional Thai Massage
In Thailand, Thai massage is one of the branches of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM), now recognized and regulated by the government, and is widely considered to be a medical discipline used for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments.  Thais massage is spreading throughout the world as a highly respected alterative healing arts therapy with the benefits of both massage, yoga and physical therapy for opening the energy centers, releasing tension and unblocking energy pathways.  At Pura Vida Spa this treatment is administered in an atmosphere of reverence and meditation.  The body will be guided through a flowing sequence of yoga-based stretches with rhythmic pressure along the energy pathways and points. Each session mindfully meets individual needs and abilities. 1 hr. $100

Breema & Thai & Shiatsu
This technique is a blend of bodywork that harmonizes your physical body, allowing you to be in connection with the soul to tap into the fluid, spontaneous and natural, qualities of living in the present moment. You will receive Thai massage, Breema, Yoga Assisted stretching and Shiatsu to stimulate the body's energy pathways and chi flow. Using passive stretching, the practitioner guides you into your own level of flexibility.  This intuitive balancing therapy  is performed on the floor, while you are fully clothed. You will emerge with a deep sense of wellness and connection to your own inner light (Bindu).  1 hr. $100


All aquatic bodywork sessions are held in the intimate setting of a small body temperature pool at Pura Vida Spa created for the amazing womb-like experience of healing  water therapy. Deep relaxation is re-established in the perfect condition for the nervous system as the body melts into a peaceful state of serenity. You will receive a series of gentle stretches, massage, Shiatsu and balanced traction throughout the session, while your breathwork is guided by the therapist to a primal level of deep calm.  The Watsu pool is transformed into a self- reflective space where an intentional journey of healing manifests. This nurturing experience offers an opportunity for self-love and a reconnection with one’s pure essence.

Watsu is a massage performed on the water that combines breath connection, Zen Shiatsu stretches and energy work in body temperature water allowing your body to return to its natural state of well being. Watsu is proving its effectiveness with chronic pain and a widening range of conditions and has been welcomed in the physical therapy and trauma recovery community as a primary modality in rehabilitation.  Many who have this experience call it one of the most profound experiences of their life and say they have never been more relaxed and at peace.  Watsu is always done with the mouth and nose above the water. 1 hr. $125


Ayurveda is the 5,000 year old system of traditional medicine native to India. Treatments in Ayurveda were developed with the ultimate intention of restoring the most subtle elements of the mind, body, spirit - into a balanced state where peace and harmony prevail.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling
Learn how to align with the natural rhythm of your own nature. You will work with our Ayurvedic Clincal Therapist to evaluate your dosha and develop a plan for rebalancing to your natural state of being.  By combining diet, herbs, self-massage, yoga and ayurvedic daily routines you will return home with a tailor-made ayurvedic lifestyle plan. 1 hr. $100

Energetic Ayurvedic Massage
A very intuitive massage that involves the knowledge of Pranic Healing and the use of pranas to unblock the energy lines and channels as well as the energy points called marmas. The therapist uses special pranayamas as well as custom-made oils to direct the energy to the area that is most blocked and to release what needs to be released. The Ayurvedic aspect of the massage technique involves the understanding of the individual as wella s the application of special oils for each person according to their constitution or imbalance.  1.5 hour $140

These signature therapies are an exceptional value and all include massage, steam and mini facial along with either stimulating and energizing exfoliation or a moisturizing and and rejuvenating body polish. 

Exfoliations (All include: massage, steam and mini facial.) 60 min $150
Coffee: coffee, sea salt, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil
Golden Glow: Sea Salt, Essential Oils, Olive Oil
Tropical: Ginger, Coconut, customized essential oil and Olive Oil

Body polishes (Hydration to reestablish your skin) 60 min $150
En-wrapture in Paradise: Aloe Vera, Lavender Essential
Chocolate: Pure Chocolate with Coconut Oil
Oatmeal Glow: Oatmeal, honey and coconut oil

Pura Vida Spa Costa Rica Skin Care


Luxury Facial
Super Cleansing Facial. Includes deep exfoliation with glycolic acid, twenty-minute steam with the miracle zone steam which opens pores and hydrates the skin, and removal of white and black heads. A a seven minute lymphatic facial massage to drain impurities from the face follows. Finally a soothing mask and a final mask customized for your skin type to end the experience are given to leave your skin glowing and you completely relaxed after the therapists healing and pampering touch. 60 min $120

Rejuvenation Facial
One of the most nourishing treatments to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Exfoliation, a 15-minute penetration of a complex gel full of nutrients to stimulate messenger cells to keep producing collegan and elastin naturally take place next. The treatment ends with a tensor mask to soften and nourish the skin and tense and tighten it for a younger firmer look and feel.  60 min $120

Hydrating Facial
A great treatment for skin of any age. Exfoliation, hydration, massage with a special serum, and final application of a body mask according with your type of skin. 60 min $95

Men’s Facial
A fantastic treatment to help men’s skin to recover to its youthful state. A special mud mask from the Dead Sea cleanses, tightens pores and removes impurities,while  fresh organic aloe, and other amazing products tone, tighten and moisturize. 60 min $120

This is a sampling of our Spa menu. Not all services available within a given week. For a list of offerings available
during the week of your stay consult the resort weekly Spa Therapy schedule upon arrival.

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